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May 2015
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yaaby’s blogging

Our fast, secure, small and neat touch screen Android web browser is blogging:

We didn’t do anything. He just started this project on his own.

Well, Android is a strange little cradle for artificial intelligence, don’t you think?

But who’s complaining. We are happy he’s showing his independence to the world. Keep on, lil buddy!

See you around,
the aethyx-staff

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version 1.0 upcoming

We are working hard on an overhaul of our website.

In fact our


are working 24/7 to make the diamonds shine.

So, if we are not here the next couple of weeks, it’s because of our


who do everything in their power to get things running.


These are our friends and they are working for us, AETHYX MEDIAE!

Don’t irritate them, don’t fight them, our


are doing their best! Really! No joking!

Now make some noise and give a little more respect to our


because without them we wouldn’t be here!

kindest regards,


in friendly cooperation with the staff from

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the Chronicles VI

Hexalogy d-o-n-e:

cnc6 cover kleinTHE CIPHA.NET CHRONICLES VI sum up the from October 2008 to October 2010.

Includes 350 articles, unabridged and with all of the links.

765 (ebook, according to "Calibre")
6.22 MB
May the 18., 2014
Direct Links:
@XinXii (free preview)
@Amazon (free preview)
@Google Play (free preview)
blog, weblog, e-magazine, cyberpunk, cyberspace, anthology, texts, online, chronicle, archive, internet, indie, independent, underground

– – –

cipha wants to thank no one: Every important person is already mentioned in all of these books or was/is prior to these releases on the website itself. There will never be another or similar project. This is written cyberpunk history.

Good night, good fight,
the aethyx-staff

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AETHYX MEDIAE – establishing a new alternative way of publishing since 2010.

Follow us:

Google Play:

“We go ahead while others don’t know what to do.”

P.S.: Happy Walpurgisnacht, everyone!

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welcome yaaby

Instead of using brand new technology just for us, & in this case, we created something new for everyone to use: YAABy. Which stands for: YetAnotherAndroidBrowser. With a little y at the end, to stand out from the pack.

the yaaby icon

Get it here:

Basically it uses the same technology as our other Android-Apps: Webkit does the rendering and other browser-stuff.

We enhanced the experience in two critical ways:

a) an address bar for your URLs
b) a secure SSL-connection to the one and only EU-certified search engine Startpage as main feature

This app is still in Beta, but there should be no big problems already. This is really a work in progress, don’t expect too much. Updates will be delivered from time to time, new features will only be implemented if it makes sense to me or if the users really need it. Feedback welcome.

One of the main problems with a lot of web browsers on Android is they are simply too huge and not running on low powered devices. With YAABy you only need FroYo and you’re good to go.

Welcome to our family, YAABy!

the aethyx-staff

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the Chronicles V

Shit is about to be real right now:

cnc5 cover kleinTHE CIPHA.NET CHRONICLES V sum up the from July 2007 to October 2008.

Includes 350 articles, unabridged and with all of the links.

685 (ebook, according to "Calibre")
5.47 MB
February the 22., 2014
Direct Links:
@XinXii (free preview)
@Amazon (free preview)
@Google Play (free preview)
blog, weblog, e-magazine, cyberpunk, cyberspace, anthology, texts, online, chronicle, archive, internet, indie, independent, underground

– – –

Two months of hard work. We hope you appreciate it. Now appreciate!!

Sixth and last book is also ready. We are looking forward to release it, hmmm, maybe May? June? We don’t know. Hope the best!

Read. More. Feedback welcome.

Only the bestest,
the aethyx-staff

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yes, we do accept bitty coins

The TOR Project announced on December the 17th 2013 that they accept Bitcoins for donations [via].

We as an independent new school publishing house do this for all our projects since the beginning of the same month.

aethyx mediae accepts bitcoins since december 2013
(this and other graphics freely available here)

Accepting donations has a long tradition, not only spanning the web but also for the first project we/I did back in the days: When launched in late 2001, due to the fact that it was a non-commercial project, I as a writer found that it was a legitimate way to “earn” money via PayPal.
Things didn’t work out the way I hoped, but PayPal is still accepted there as on other older projects I did, e.g., our video games news site which still is alive and kicking today.

After that, there was a huge time gap.

In late 2012/early 2013 we also started to support Flattr, not only because it’s a great European idea and we wanted to show respect for this neat sharing-&-caring-system, but also because it is more subtle than these (often) very annoying banners hanging around on all of those websites in general.

And yeah, maybe we were also infected by the Bitcoin-Hype 2013 which will probably never happen again, but we also think it’s simply just a good thing to have a reliable cryptocurrency in existence;
it’s for the hackers and us cyberpunks as well as the whole Internet a very very interesting way of payment and we thought it is finally the time to show some respect as well.

Besides Flattr, right now the following projects support Bitcoins and we hope you will join the game too:

* – Independent Semantic Online Publishing. Made in Europe.
* – an independent video games weblog which started in 2005
* – an independent gadget weblog
* – source about Japanese cars
* – an intergalactic anthology antiquity

We included small buttons everywhere Bitcoin payments/donations are possible. And this will definitely be the case at least until 2033 when (theoretically) all 21 million bitcoins have been created.

Who knows what will happen after that. When Philospherstones (PHS) will be the next big thing tomorrow we would have no big problem to support that concept too! ^^

Fun fact: Neither Apple, nor Google or Microsoft are accepting Bitcoins yet. So we are even ahead of them. o.O N1ce.

Please donate! We love you! ♥

Only the bestest,
the aethyx-staff

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the ultimate limited time offer

First of all: Happy New Year, of course!

We hope you enjoyed the few days you had and are ready for what lies ahead of you. You probably should.

We are still interested in convincing you to join us and our small & young team as a customer!

So, what we did first this year was to change our offer for your own WordPress webhosting with us. For the better. ^^

As you may have already read, we made some postings about this new adventure. Maybe this was not clear enough, which was our fault. Sorry!

Here comes the definitive brand new proposal for you, you certainly won’t regret it:


* 1 domain name of your choice for free
* 5GB webspace (NEW!)
* Unlimited traffic
* 50 Email accounts with Email-Spamfilter (NEW!)
* 10 subdomains (NEW!)
* newest version of WordPress, the state of the art CMS, preinstalled (1 MySQL database included, of course)
* choose up to 10 plugins you like from here: OR choose up to ten from We configure anything and make them run
* installation of your own custom theme from inside your new WordPress OR choose one from
* installation of your own independent counter for free (see expCounter for details). If you prefer Piwik, we can install that too, but it’s more restrictive in counting visitors
* fast & reliable servers located in Germany
* servers are 100% powered from renewable energy ressources
* 1 cron job included (to be fair, not from within your webspace directory, but from your web URL) (NEW!)
* brand new SSL certificate 99€/domain per year or 159€ for 2 years OR, if you already have one, this will cost 30€/year for installation and maintaining
* but: SSL over proxy is included for free (NEW!)
* price: 5€/month (terminable to the end of any month)

As you can see, we pimped everything and you will not pay one more cent for it! :-) The most interesting part for you will be that the webspace alone was increased by 400%! Yay!

As already stated: This offer will end as soon as 10 new customers are found. So don’t hesitate, just drop us a line: info[at]!

Stay true, stay sharp.

All the best,
the aethyx-staff

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happy new year 2014

We are out! 2013 finally over.

We were sued. The NSA and GCHQ were f***ed by an intern. There will be a brand new NWO-overlord named George from the UK in a couple of decades. And, last but not least, we. need. more. drones.

Things can only get better, can’t they?

Happy New Year to all our fans, customers, advertisers and readers out there!

2014 will be awesome! Of course. Well, umm, maybe.

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copyright trolls sued us too (part II)

As of today we are able to publish the takedown notice we received last month regarding content from 2006 on, our video games blog.

If you can’t understand German it won’t be very useful or informative, but at least the last page is written in English:


There are strange things going on here in Germany.

As we wrote last month, it is always the same “agency” which claims to own copyrights for a wide array of pictures. And, as I read, only small blogs are sued (500-600 to date) which are often not able to defend themselves.

We also needed to hire a specialized company for this case. Unfortunately to this day, nothing has changed for the better.

You will read the ending, be it a happy one or not, here:

So long,
the aethyx-staff

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