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Dear readers,

in general we are looking back to a year of terror in Europe. Whether it’s Al-Qaida or ISIL, the apocalypse is currently destroying important human culture all over the world. As human beings we know already that there is no solution to answer terror with more terror. We hope our politicians will get this as well as support those poorer countries and its populations. This may be a process which was started only several years ago but will be on our European agendas for centuries. You see: A lot of couragious work lies ahead for all of us Europeans and their future generations.

Nevertheless, one shouldn’t forget to look into a brighter future. Europe works, the European idea is one of the most successful ever since World War II. The best: It’s because of the people and families who live here.

We are looking forward into a new year 2016 with less sadness, less horror, less hate. Such cataclysms will only weld together what belongs together. Terror will never win. Europe knows war personally and by its name for centuries. So solutions will be found, peace restored.

Maybe this year one shouldn’t celebrate religious holidays, religion is destroying everything since 9/11. Celebrate yourself, your family, your accomplishments! God is dead, thank goodness, welcome to the a brand new millenium for all human beings worldwide since 2015!

the aethyx staff

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