I) what is aethyx?

aethyx.eu is a young and independent publishing house.

We are specialists in creating new media.

In fact, you are the media. All you need is an appropriate platform.

So, what we do is giving you the opportunity to publish what you want, whenever you want, on the web.

We use WordPress as the state-of-the-art technology for semantic online publishing.
It’s easy to set up, very effective and Open source. Plus: with millions of plugins available, you are able to customize the code nearly to perfection.

“Code is poetry”, but poetry is nothing without the human being. That is why we are here.

II) what does aethyx mean?

The term aethyr, æthyr, ethyr, or ayre may refer to one of the following:

  • Aethyr is a concept of a formless and invisible medium or substance that pervades the cosmos
  • Aethyr is a reference for the fifth element, or spirit, in various forms of Metaphysics
  • Aethyr is a term in the Enochian tradition which indicates one of a succession of worlds (or “planes”), which are viewed not only as surrounding, but also as interpenetrating and extending beyond the material world.
  • Aethyr is a powerful demon like creature connected to the Phantom Zone in the DC universe.

We like creativity to come up with anything better, so we added an “x” and erased the “r”, indicating a fresh name for a young publishing house.

III) where can I find aethyx mediae?

We already developed the following projects:

  • cipha.net – an intergalactic anthology
  • zockerseele.com – a weblog exclusively about video games
  • gizmeo.eu – a weblog exclusively about electronic gadgets
  • JPCARS.de – a lovely medium exclusively about automobiles Made in Japan
  • href.ninja – an alternative press agency
  • YAABy.eu – our independent Android web browser with its own blog
  • Kryptowiki.eu – a free Encyclopedia about cryptocurrencies for German speaking people

Find out more about them on the “Where?”-page!

Additionally, there already exist some Android apps we create and maintain: AETHYX MEDIAE on Google Play.

And last but not least, from time to time we even share our rocket science: https://gitlab.com/aethyx. Free code from us for the world to share, work on and collaborate.

See you there!

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