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“If sales control stats I place no faith on the majority” – El-P

Dear readers,

we usually avoid political topics but what happened today to western democracy (and technology) is like the final nail in the coffin of all of us still living and breathing in what is called “the west”: a neo-capitalist, xenophobic, sexist, racist, rich white anti-social is reigning the military most powerful and thus most dangerous country _on earth_ for the next. Four. Years.

It’s nothing new and we know already that the election system in the USA is rusty (at best) and not up to date when we watched a rich Texan sociopath being artificially elected in 2000 which ultimately led to the biggest disaster for western civilization since WWII, but the 9th of November 2016 will be seen by historians in the future as the date the United States of America, and maybe even all of the Western world, was no more.

The dream is over.

What we saw today is classic history repeating. Even in Europe, no matter where you look, Hungary, Austria, France, Scandinavia, Brexit of UK this year, Germany, national-socialism is on the rise again. This is no path for world peace, this is a path into a world war. And if this gets hot, it’ll be the last of humanity. A rational mind knows this. For decades, not even centuries.

2016 showed us what we really are: mostly white, stupid, retards. Humanity won’t work with this shit. We don’t exclude us: we need to get rid of ourselves. We became useless. That’s how we feel today. We should mourn ourselves. We failed miserably. We are finally entering the very last dark age.

But maybe we should be happy: as no one can even anticipate what will happen next, let’s party! Fighting for or against something became utterly useless! Yay!1

“Nothing makes sense no more. Nothing makes sense no more” – Nephlim Modulation Systems

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