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Dear readers and customers,

it’s summer, and as every year media and news are full of garbage as no one seems to want to work or give a damn.

No problem for us, we’ll use the silly season this time to learn some funny German today!*

Today: the Pfeilstorch!

You know, before 1822 people and especially science had a hard time telling where all the birds went during winter season. Some people said they convert into mice, others were convinced they did into demons; until one of those rare type of animals was found which showed it had an arrow from Africa in its neck and was still alive:


Above is a real specimen found today in the zoological collection of the University of Rostock. The bird here was crucial in understanding the migration of European birds, over long distances, and eventually come back.

Science rocks!

Happy holidays,
the aethyx staff

*P.S.: in case you always thought “German” and “funny” doesn’t exist in reality, you were completely right! That’s why we are a European online publishing house and prefer to be called like one – there’s to be fun somewhere in Europe, right? Right!?

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