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Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Dear readers and customers,

Happy New Year! Stay healthy, much success, and good luck for you and your friends and family of course!

Let’s start the New Year with a recommendation about the current state of the Internet and WWW. Plus, why it’s still important what we do in our small, indie, online publishing house:

“The Old Internet Shows Signs of Quietly Coming Back”, by Cheapskates.

The funny part is: what’s stated inside this report and what we still create on the web is valid since we were starting web creation 2000 in general. We never saw it otherwise. As such, the content holds value for us and our credo since over two decades now.

Also don’t let yourself be fooled by the coined term “old Internet”: it’s just how we knew it back in the 90s. Everyone grewing up through these times will remember the mentioned terms and how the internet looked and felt like. Heck, the article even goes back to the Gophernet from the 80s; something we weren’t even able to witness ourselves. But the spirit lives on, that’s why small enterprises like us exist.

All in all, there’s hope on the horizon, as seen in our small eyecatcher above this text. The more people know and live with inventions like the internet, the better they come to an understanding what’s good and what’s bad.

Build your website today, we’ll be happy to help!

Hear from you soon,
the aethyx staff

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