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Dear readers and customers,

we oftentimes read this strange sentence online when a new and interesting open-source project is running headlines worldwide: “What’s the business model?”

This must be one of the most stupid questions one can ask here. Really.

You should be happy, and proud, that there exists an open-source solution to a specific problem. So the really important questions you should ask from there are some like those:

Is the solution provided useful for you?
Do they offer open repositories and is the code provided there a help for your work?
Can you use the solutions instead of using proprietary technologies which eat up all your budget for your independent business?
Are open licenses used?
Do the solutions provide value for you?

Put simpler, ask yourself this: do you ask yourself what type of company produces your favourite TV streaming series? If you go to the grocery store and you are presented with a free snack for your visit, do you ask yourself if the company of these snacks is doing well? Are you a student of economics at an University? No? Good, then you should not care about the business model of a new and exciting open-source solution!

Open-source is there to be used. Maybe you won’t believe it but there exist coders and even communities of coders who don’t make a product out of you – they provide a full-fledged, working, bug-free software solution just for you for the taking!

Try it and use it! And find out if it works for you before you ask yourself stupid, unrelated and unimportant questions. Save time and do it yourself. There’s a whole world for the taking for you waiting to be discovered.

Happy testing and getting better every day,
your aethyx staff

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