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Dear readers and customers,

the year 2022 will leave us into a great uncertainty.

There’s still a pandemic raging around the planet.
There’s a war going on by Russian aggressors against Ukraine, a free and independent democratic country in eastern Europe.
And there are consequences which western nations will need to take by boycotting totalitarian states like China, with another war against another independent country, Taiwan, looming at the not so distant horizon.

We’ll be honest with you, we had better times. And unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment what price we will pay for our mutual future, as it’s a huge burden for independent small companies like us to make money and stay alive through difficult and uncertain times.

Nevertheless, we are willing to adapt, no matter what difficulties may arise the next years. We are sure if we will make it to, e.g. 2025, we should have the resilience to be there for a longer time. If not, whatever. We did our best. And we’re not willing to accept an unwritten future. Yet.

As such, we will maintain and develop products which help you manage and enjoy your life. We always do this by open-source technology, we always bring our heart into them, we always strive to bring out the best with very limited resources. And we think we do this well, as you might have already read up on our “Where?” page.

For 2022 we won’t tease you with a seasonal image in our last company article of the year like we always do. The last years were hard, 2022 was a negative highlight of it all, with too much lives taken for nothing on our home territory Europe.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, that you stay healthy and can have a wonderful time with your loved ones. And also a Happy New Year: may your batteries be recharged well because we will need those energies for at least another two years.

Take care and all the best to you,
the aethyx staff

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