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Dear readers and customers,

today we want to celebrate the most beautiful and sophisticated planet Earth came up with as of yet: women!

It’s hard to believe but to this day, women are still one of the most oppressed groups of people in our (modern?) society.

In many countries, so called developed countries in the western hemisphere included here, there were only small positive changes in the last centuries. Centuries where women were gaslighted, hunted, tortured, burnt alive for ridiculous reasons, sometimes even just for the sake of the most human wish, progressing in oneselves life.

Why those positive changes were only so small throughout such unbelievable long times would burst the scope of this blog post and is still a hot debated topic in academic circles – we thus want to keep it there, as change will come only from science in our times.

So let us all remind ourselves to be always fair to women, be kind. Don’t be the puppet of stupid harmful dogma from millenia ago. Be a part of the change instead, always try to show women your best. If in doubt, always stand by the women. Because without women no one of us would be here: no life, no breathing, no light nor colour but only darkness, silence and loneliness until all of eternity.

Happy Women’s Day!

Empowering the people means empowering women. Maybe we can’t show it to you all the time. But we love you. Be strong and keep on!

All the best,
the aethyx staff

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