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Today we are happy to announce that you can find some bits of information about what we do on our


These are our current projects.

And of course we would be happy to assist you in becoming a true new media yourself.

Just drop us a line: info[at]aethyx.eu. Let us know what your plans are and we will see what we can do!

As we already mentioned we are using WordPress as the main publishing platform.
Of course there are other good ideas out there, but we are using this Open-Source-software since 2005 and have made good experiences with it.

If you run into problems setting it up yourself, let us know, we will help you for free.

You only pay for design, maintaining the website and creating graphics. Of course we can not support you with content, this is something you will have to solve yourself! 🙂

Become the medium! Welcome to the future of publishing! Be there or be square.

the aethyx staff

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