Since late 2021 we’re back in the merchandising business at AETHYX MEDIAE. Yay!

We’re starting with our official NFT collection: every presented motive is in fact unique and a living digital art collectible on the Ethereum blockchain.
Over time this will certainly grow more and more, and what we can call our own will be proudly presented here. <3

Every cent (or penny, sen, jiao, etc.) we earn here will be spent 100% for our projects (and future projects) you find listed there:

Enjoy your stay and happy shopping!

NFT GreatBananaWeapon #4536 - Tasse zweifarbig
Tasse zweifarbig

NFT GreatBananaWeapon #4536 Tasse zweifarbig

Great Ape Society - Banana Weapons. Powerful weapons for a powerful community! APES STRONG. APES UNITED. This banana was originally minted by us. ERC-721 NFT token.
Product details
Zweifarbige Tasse aus Keramik, Fassungsvermögen: 325 ml
EUR 17.49
official swag. by aethyx mediae.
All shown motives property AETHYX MEDIAE.

Product Details

Keine Chance für trübe Tassen. Der klassische Henkelbecher für Kaffee, Tee und andere Lieblingsgetränke besticht durch dezente Farbkontraste.

  • Farblich abgesetzter Henkel und oberer Rand
  • Spülmaschinengeeignet
  • Kratzfester und UV-beständiger Druck
  • Fassungsvermögen: 325 ml
  • Material: Keramik
Tipp: Von Hand spülen verlängert die Haltbarkeit des Drucks.

Size One size
Dimension A (inch) 9,5
Dimension B (inch) 26,0

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