Since late 2021 we’re back in the merchandising business at AETHYX MEDIAE. Yay!

We’re starting with our official NFT collection: every presented motive is in fact unique and a living digital art collectible on the Ethereum blockchain.
Over time this will certainly grow more and more, and what we can call our own will be proudly presented here. <3

Every cent (or penny, sen, jiao, etc.) we earn here will be spent 100% for our projects (and future projects) you find listed there:

Enjoy your stay and happy shopping!

NFT GreatBananaWeapon #4536 - Teddy

NFT GreatBananaWeapon #4536 Teddy

Great Ape Society - Banana Weapons. Powerful weapons for a powerful community! APES STRONG. APES UNITED. This banana was originally minted by us. ERC-721 NFT token.
Product details
Teddy in hellem, samtigem Plüschfell, mit einem T-Shirt bekleidet, 100% Polyester. Marke: Minifeet
EUR 16.49
official swag. by aethyx mediae.
All shown motives property AETHYX MEDIAE.

Product Details

Ob als Kuscheltier, bester Freund oder treuer Bettbewacher – der niedliche Kuschelteddy mit T-Shirt empfängt große und kleine Schmusebären mit offenen Armen.

  • Angenähte Knopfaugen aus Kunststoff
  • Samtig-weiches Plüschfell
  • Höhe sitzend: 20 cm (mit Ohren)
  • Gewicht: 77 g
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Size One size
Dimension A (inch) 19,5
Dimension B (inch) 21,0

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