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Above: just a visual representation, not the actual report. Find details below

As of 2022 we are offering serious and reliable consultancy about NFTs.

No matter if you plan to invest in a project directly or you just want to have a general review about one you find interesting, we got you covered in minimising your risks and offer you an informative paper about anything useful surrounding the NFT project and its environment.

We call these reports splitters, details listed below.

What is a splitter?

  • an investment report about an NFT project
  • inside, we present you on five slides in a compact and readable form if the NFT project you are interested in is worth investing
  • available as PPT or PDF. Or both
  • unique: you name us the NFT. We do research and analysis about it and put it into those reports
  • only 99€/splitter

Why should you trust us?

You mean, despite we are an indie publishing house from inside the EU knowing the web from A to Z since 22 years now? Here’s a quick timeline:

2013/2014: we mine Bitcoin through ASICs
2014: we accept Bitcoin and support it on all our projects
2017: we get our first Ethereum address and start investing in Ether. This cryptocurrency was only worth 500-600€ at that time
2017: we launch https://kryptowiki.eu/, the one and only cryptocurrency wiki for German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria – 100+ million native speakers here). Bitcoin was worth only 2,237€ at that specific time
Also 2017: we launch https://kryptogeld.io/, a cryptocurrency startup
2018: we launch an Android companion app for Kryptowiki. Same year: we support Ethereum and create open-source projects for it
2019: we observe the NFT market closely via https://opensea.io. We don’t own NFTs yet
2021: we own NFTs. Same year: we sell official merchandise with our NFT artwork
2022: we do splitters and sell them for 99€ per report, so you know if you should invest in an NFT or not. It’s our way to do serious NFT consultancy

Where can I get my splitter?

It’s easy, as always: just hit us up via info@aethyx.eu. Payment is possible via the usual payment methods (PayPal, Bitcoin, Ether, IBAN, etc.).

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