“Hacking from China!”

…is the new overkill news media buzzword of the yet young year 2013.

EVERYONE ist being hacked: Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, EADS, ThyssenKrupp, even your cat!.

And all of these hacks come from China. Of course.

This is ridiculous.

I mean: How do they know it’s not just spoofing to make it look like these hacks originated in the far east?

I think they just don’t have the time or interest anymore to search for the real reasons.

What I know: Most of our visitors speak Chinese. Our stats don’t lie. And I never ever would have imagined to make a project which will be read from there.

So, IMHO, I’m glad that the Chinese are there! I even enjoy their food quite often. I don’t have any problems with them and I think our Western point of view of these people is just full of prejudices. That’s it.

Nothing new here…

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