Dear readers and customers,

copying and distributing Android apps which don’t belong to you and weren’t developed by you is no minor offence.

Not only do you undermine endless hours of development efforts by the original developers, you also try to mock original creations as well as users who might use your copied app.

As such, we were happy that Google was fast in helping us taking two impudent apps down from their popular Google Play Store: “Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Zone” by “lucsian” as well as “Zombie Uprise · TPS in Frontier Apocalypse Defense” by “Beasty App Media L.L.C”. Both were audacious copies of our indie IP “Zombie Resistor: Apocalypse” which was developed inhouse by us and is available since January 2020 (we published the news here). Both were also released months after our publishing.

Our DMCA complaints were sent yesterday, we just got a standard reply by Google that they’ll look into it.

As of today, as we checked recently, thanks to the hard working girls and guys there, the links as well as the corresponding apps are offline. Bigups and thanks a lot from AETHYX MEDIAE!

FYI, if you should encounter the exact same problems, give it a try yourself: Just choose Google Play – Apps here if you see illegal copies of your Android applications in the Google Play Store somewhere.

We’ll take down further clones of our apps as soon as we’ll encounter those. We’re into Android app development since 2013 and we never had to do this. How the times have changed…

Take care and never give up,
your aethyx staff

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Dear readers,

2016 was a sad year for the western civilisation. What happened with BREXIT and the election in the USA was a cataclysm which will throw humanity as a whole back into uncertain times. When even the Oxford Dictionary is naming “post-truth” as word of the year, one may anticipate what lies ahead.

But these are not the times to surrender. These are changing times, times to step out of the pack and finally start fighting.

Regarding new technologies we got all the tools we need. Now is the time to use them. Against those who are against us, against tolerance, multi-culturalism, diversity, freedom, peace, free will. As stated in the last decade by some, “there’s a war on for your mind”. Don’t be tricked. It lies in your hands, literally.

  • Stop watching TV or listening to radio. Start your own TV or radio, with the service you choose.
  • Stop reading mainstream media, start your own media house or blog, like we did back in 2010.
  • Stop selling yourself, your interests and friends on Facebook or Twitter for nothing, start your own social network, like Friendica or open a Diaspora* pod.

Help those who want to leave those exploiting places, think for your friends and families, mind money less. No matter which way you finally choose, no matter which tool you decide to use, you did it for yourself, your social contacts, completely on your own. And no matter which problems you may run into, we are here to help, just drop us a line: Or use our comfortable contact form.

Well, stay sharp out there! 2017 won’t be easy, that’s for sure. Let’s forget 2016, as fast as possible. Historians will call this one of the lost years of humanity some day. If they will be allowed to work still, of course.

“Enjoy” your holidays & we wish you a wonderful start into the new year! Keep on fighting! You can do it!

Only the bestest,
your aethyx staff

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