It’s 2013, folks!

New year, new opportunities.

We changed our website a bit:

  • the search bar is now available in the main menu on top of our site. The former box was just too ugly with this huge search button
  • new main font: No “Nec Plus Ultra” anymore. We are quite happy with the brandnew “Zekton”. We hope you’ll like it too
  • new links: We added quite a few new links to our sidebar on the left. You’ll find direct links to popular tools like “Calibre” or some websites where you can publish your own Ebook for free

Upcoming projects:

“THE CIPHA.NET CHRONICLES IV” will be available soon. No definitive date yet, so stay tuned for more information to come.


If you want us to help you in setting up a website/blog/tumblr as well, drop us a line! We are looking forward to help you in realizing your individual project. Believe us: It will be pure fun!

That’s it for now.

See you soon,
the aethyx staff

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