Dear readers and customers,

since a couple of months we are witnessing new waves of spam hitting our Email inboxes. We think it’s due to the rise in AI/machine learning tools and using them for malicious intentions, as correctly identified by several tech news outlets out there.

We are currently evaluating how to counter these waves. So if you are affected by it too, please hit us up, either via our contact form or directly via Email,

Currently the most popular topics here are: crypto. Furniture. Office supplies. At least in our case. The content has no direct connection to our company topics. The texts may seem more complex and evolved now but in the end it’s still untrue garbage. And what’s more, most of the time the only real identifier of this spam is the malicious link included – don’t click it but you can read it for yourself when you hover over it in the mail.

For the time being, redirect us the mails so we can have a look into it and add keywords to our filters. It helps but of course a technological solution would be much better here.

We own several domains and provide Email systems and sub systems through it. We hope we can be of help here, should you also be affected. Our service is free and we are strongly interested in countering it.

Enjoy your autumn and stay aware of more fake mails,
your aethyx staff

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