Dear readers and customers,

as an adult, with all our responsibilities and TODOs in our daily lives, some day you might realise that it’s not power or money which is running out for you – but time itself.

Be it having time for your favourite (IT) project to do; your friends; your family; it might even be just a hobby: there is only so much we can cram into the times we are awake of one single day. And the perception when getting older is, it gets worse over time even.

But luckily, there are some workarounds you can use. These come in handy for IT projects but you can use those in your daily life as well. Like those listed here:

  • use a Kanban board: you could just use post it notes in your kitchen which state “Todos”, “In doing”, “Done”. Even your homework duties can be organised this way. As such, you keep track of your tasks easily. And you’ll never forget them anymore, we promise. Plus, there’s a certain incentive for your mind when lots and lots of notes finally appear below the “Done” note. You may also re-use notes this way, thus sparing you the effort to create new ones
  • use priorities: we recommend 1-3, indicating 1 as the highest, 3 as the lowest prioriy. Always try to do/fix/create the category 1 first. When you have time left, do the tasks for priority 2. The last one, 3, is for the really unimportant stuff, like cleaning your windows which should be sufficient 1-2 times per year. Priorities are an important part of any IT ticket system
  • throw out old stuff: yes, I know, we are humans, we like to collect stuff. But nobody is helped if your favourite LEGO set from 1989 is collecting dust in your living room for anyone to see. Try to find people who could need it more. You could also sell it via an Internet auction site. Keep your favourite LEGO set, if you wish. But believe me, it will collect dust forever anyways. Exchange LEGO here for what you liked as a kid. Look ahead, us is never helped to look back forever. In IT, we call this one refactoring or building something new from scratch

Of course there is more you can use, the examples above are all taken from our daily business. You can see it’s easily adaptable for your daily life, which is great surplus of what we do. Believe us you will live a more satisfied life if you use one or more of the mentioned techniques. Unfortunately, you might realise that time is still your most important resource, no matter what you do. But that’s just how our Universe works. And we won’t ever be able to change that one. Maybe it’s better this way.

Happy task planning and all the best to you,
the aethyx staff

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