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Dear readers and customers,

as an adult, with all our responsibilities and TODOs in our daily lives, some day you might realise that it’s not power or money which is running out for you – but time itself.

Be it having time for your favourite (IT) project to do; your friends; your family; it might even be just a hobby: there is only so much we can cram into the times we are awake of one single day. And the perception when getting older is, it gets worse over time even.

But luckily, there are some workarounds you can use. These come in handy for IT projects but you can use those in your daily life as well. Like those listed here:

  • use a Kanban board: you could just use post it notes in your kitchen which state “Todos”, “In doing”, “Done”. Even your homework duties can be organised this way. As such, you keep track of your tasks easily. And you’ll never forget them anymore, we promise. Plus, there’s a certain incentive for your mind when lots and lots of notes finally appear below the “Done” note. You may also re-use notes this way, thus sparing you the effort to create new ones
  • use priorities: we recommend 1-3, indicating 1 as the highest, 3 as the lowest prioriy. Always try to do/fix/create the category 1 first. When you have time left, do the tasks for priority 2. The last one, 3, is for the really unimportant stuff, like cleaning your windows which should be sufficient 1-2 times per year. Priorities are an important part of any IT ticket system
  • throw out old stuff: yes, I know, we are humans, we like to collect stuff. But nobody is helped if your favourite LEGO set from 1989 is collecting dust in your living room for anyone to see. Try to find people who could need it more. You could also sell it via an Internet auction site. Keep your favourite LEGO set, if you wish. But believe me, it will collect dust forever anyways. Exchange LEGO here for what you liked as a kid. Look ahead, us is never helped to look back forever. In IT, we call this one refactoring or building something new from scratch

Of course there is more you can use, the examples above are all taken from our daily business. You can see it’s easily adaptable for your daily life, which is great surplus of what we do. Believe us you will live a more satisfied life if you use one or more of the mentioned techniques. Unfortunately, you might realise that time is still your most important resource, no matter what you do. But that’s just how our Universe works. And we won’t ever be able to change that one. Maybe it’s better this way.

Happy task planning and all the best to you,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

we’re 100% pro-RSS!

We share the opinion that you as a reader should have the power to use technology to your advantage, actually RSS/Atom, and building your own feed comes in exactly here.

To show you the details about advantages/disadvantages, the background of this amazing meta web technology, as well as present you some feed readers and insights, we want to share this excellent article by indie author Andre Garzia with you:

“Old-school blogging, retro computers, and decentralisation” by Andy Garzia.

No matter if you are an expert here who uses it since the start, a starter, or someone who left the path and want to re-join now, it’s an absolute recommendation and fun to read until the end!

You can bookmark our RSS feed here: https://aethyx.eu/feed.
Hint: actually you can subscribe to all our media we produce by adding /feed/ to the URL of any project. Just remember to do this in your preferred feed reader, otherwise you just download a small harmless file to your PC.

Happy subscribing and reading,
your aethyx staff

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Above: “computer brains” and “machine learning” doesn’t exist. And probably never will.

Dear readers and customers,

the professional field of IT is a foggy sector sometimes. You will encounter more buzzwords than anywhere else throughout your career, most of them will loose their meaning entirely during the same timeframe, and what’s even more worse: you leave humans in anger and fear more times than it can be healthy for both sides, clients as well as customers. We need to actively change that for the better.

As such, and seeing it from a linguistic perspective too, renaming terminology is the way to go. And we fully support the idea provided by the Center on Privacy and Technology: reducing actively, or even eliminating where possible, the damage caused by digital technology.

One of the most popular and best examples: artificial intelligence. Today, 2022, even the most sophisticated supercomputers only provide the intelligence of a cockroach. Or more realistically: a network of cockroaches. As such, the center recommends eliminating this terminology completely. We fully support that one as well as the other mentioned buzzwords computers aren’t capable of: which is “thinking”. “Judging”. “Predicting”. “Interpreting”. “Decision making”. “Realising”. “Learning”. Humans and animals may be capable of all that. But no computer on this Earth, and possibly for many decades to come. Period.

If you encounter these associations somewhere, online or offline, be aware that you might be a victim of a creative marketing department. Nothing more, nothing less. “Artificial intelligence” doesn’t exist, not in the sense of the programmer Alan Turing, who invented the concept of turing completeness. Even more so as mentioned in the valuable and much more creative novels by authors of science fiction literature, who might be able to describe sentient artificial beings, maybe even their hypothetical behaviour. However it stays a fiction in any case, no matter how great the novel was you were reading. Sorry.

For us at AETHYX MEDIAE, this idea proposed by the Center on Privacy and Technology sounds like a no-brainer. However we are not free of bias as we have roots and work in this professional field since over two decades now. We’re sad that news agencies and journalists are not capable to reduce the damage before it reaches their readers. As it is in their responsibility to do their own research before making an article popular and publishing it to thousands of concurrent readers. As such, the warning and the proposal comes to late for us. For the year 2022 as well as for millions of people on this planet. Plus, we were also not safe sometimes to use misleading technology terminology. We need and want to apologise for that. And promise to change it for the better where we see fit.

Be proud to be human! Have no fear of IT! Keep thinking! As in the end, it’s just another field where people need to pay their rents from.

All the best,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

currently, due to an “unusual” high inflation in the eurozone, we need to increase prices for all our products. Sry!

All of our services (except our merchandise) will now be minimum 10% more expensive than in the past.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience but the current situation didn’t leave us any other choice.

We’re not sure if this is the end, too. Could be this is only the first round of increases. Let’s see how the current political world situation as well as the pandemic develops.

We hope for the best, still!

Thank you for using our products! Rock on and stay indie!

Take care and best wishes,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

for the second time in our 12 year company history I speak to you here directly as CEO. The last time only two years ago because of the still ongoing pandemic. The necessities of our current times leave me no other choice. At the moment, I don’t really know how we should do here “business as usual”.

Currently, there’s a war going on in Europe. It’s now day 9 of this war.

It’s an unfair war, it’s a war built up on lies. That’s the case with any war, throughout human history. We don’t support wars, we never did, never will.

In fact, I’m a member of the German Peace Society. I feel it as my duty to at least inform you about this and provide some help. So please watch the video above carefully and if you want to help I want to provide some links and information today which might come in handy in case you want to join the help.

If you are in the war zone, actions you can take in case of explosion and about clean water:

  • lie on the ground and cover your head with your hands
  • use available shelter
  • help the wounded
  • do not enter damaged buildings
    In the absence of water supply:
  • take drinking water from pumping stations, wells, mine wells, drinking water bottling points
  • for drinking and cooking – boil for at least 10 minutes
  • store water in closed containers
  • water from open reservoirs – only for technical purposes
    That’s what’s currently distributed through Ukrainian mobile networks. Please also update yourself from time to time through reliable English news sources if possible, like BBC, Guardian UK or CNN, to get news about safe corridors.

If you are in Europe or elsewhere, actions you might take from here:

With our strength and knowledge combined, maybe we have a chance to prevent the worst. For Ukraine, as well as for the rest of the world.

Be brave and strong,
may peace eventually prevail,
Sascha Schroeder
CEO & Founder

[Update I, 03/14/22]
Added the latest hint about water from the Ukrainian mobile networks; removed the Anonymous hint as our local Chaos Computer Club added that supporting black and/or grey hat hacking is simply too dangerous.

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