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Merry Christmas!

Dear readers and customers,

how and wherever you celebrate, work or just spend a few quiet days: we wish you a peaceful time, health, reason and empathy!

The advent calendars have certainly been looted, the gifts have hopefully all been bought and the Christmas tree is in place – another year of the pandemic is drawing to a close.

We hope that your company or organization will be spared the effects of blackmail trojans, because the BSI expects more attacks if the staffing levels are thin during this time. Some employees will have had a lot to do up until today’s festival due to safety precautions.

The Shabbat begins for the Jews this evening, Christians then celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, but today is also the day of remembrance in some churches of the supposedly first parents of this planet, who are said to have only been born when it was light.

The entire AETHYX MEDIAE staff as well as the editors of gizmeo.eu, JPCARS.de, zockerseele.com, kryptowiki.eu, kryptogeld.io, href.ninja, YAABy.eu wish you Happy Holidays!

May you look back on the past few months at your leisure and prepare for what is to come. We wish the desperate confidence, all sick recovery, the corona infected a mild course, all mourning consolation, the exhausted strength, the lost a guide, the fearful courage, the hateful insight and all refugees safe accommodation.

The IT world will not stand still in the seven days until the turn of the year, we will also provide you with the latest news on the holidays and between the years as well as some longer readings. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and a peaceful, happy and successful 2022. Stay healthy!

All the best,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

November was such a busy month at this small company that we almost forgot to post an update here. :>

Sorry for that.

But in the background quite some things are happening, as we develop the following topics currently around your most favourite indie European media house:

  • the consolidation for our apps and websites goes forward, step by step
  • as such, we are currently updating code in two of our apps (YAABy and the video game “Zombie Resistor”)
  • we close projects (zockerseele.com)
  • we build up and set up completely new distribution channels, main focus on social media here (thanks, Khrystyna!)
  • we prepare for campaigns of all our purchaseable products we offer as the most important holidays of the year are fastly approaching
  • we try to not loose our minds during an ongoing pandemic with new virus strains :>

So look forward to hear more from us, over more channels than ever, with more handsome actions and coupons as ever before in our history!

We are proud to be part of that and want you to be a part of that too! So contact us anytime, we’re happy to help: info@aethyx.eu

Best wishes,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

we are officially back in the merchandising business here at AETHYX MEDIAE! Hee-ho!

We are proudly starting off with our own NFT collection here. Over time this will certainly grow, at the moment we hit 119 articles already. For our future developments, please support us and use the following webshop we provided for your convenient shopping:


Let us present you our current collection in a bit more detail now:

CryptoKitties Count Mugness 200px CryptoKitties is one of the oldest Web3 games using Blockchain technology but to this date definitely one of the most sophisticated. Our own bred CryptoKitty Count Mugness may not be very rare, it’s at #2004979, but we created it 100% on our own. Nice Goodies: drives a cart(!) and wears the Ethereum logo on its forehead. This kitty will go places for sure!
Hashmask 5810 Hashmasks is an amazing living(!) digital art collectible project from Switzerland. This is our first mask we could obtain here. Standing at #5810 it was named by us and is now called Nut after the Egyptian Goddess of the sky. It makes us very proud to be part of this project, so proud we obtained another one this year…
Hashmask 15681 …which is this one: Hashmask #15681. Not named yet. Only 16,384 digital portraits were ever produced, making both Hashmask NFTs currently our most rare and valuable.
Great Ape Society NFT 200px Sometimes we just get stuff for fun and no other reason, so this ape from The Great Ape Society was purchased because… whatever! It reminded us of Raoul Duke from “Fear and Loathing Las Vegas”, played fantastically and hilarously by one of our most favourite actors, Johnny Depp. Obtaining this NFT was thus a no-brainer. If you think it can’t get more hilarious, wait until…
Great Ape Banana Weapon 200px …you see this banana weapon! This was actually minted by us for around 50€. We didn’t know what we would get, it was a surprise algorithm. We think it fits perfectly in case, you know, our ape above has to defend his territory in a way some day. Or whatever.
Tokyo Cyberpunk #3 200px Last but not least: our Tokyo Cyberpunk avatar, #3 of only 5,000. Cyberpunk is what us defines the most at AETHYX MEDIAE. And to be honest: most NFTs on the market right now just don’t click with us. So we are proud and very happy to own one from a project which we would have been happily and proudly created ourselves. Which we didn’t, we don’t have a clue how to do NFT art, sorry.

That’s it for the moment, folks!
Please buy our stuff!
Every Cent will be re-invested in the projects we create and maintain here at AETHYX MEDIAE.
New here and want to know what we do? No problem, please head to https://aethyx.eu/where/ to see all of our projects we proudly do since 2001.

Hints? Questions? Love letters? Hit us up anytime via info@aethyx.eu!

Keep on doing what you’re doing because you are great,
best wishes,
the aethyx staff

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Simplicissimus Ebook Museum

Dear readers and customers,

the digitalisation revolutionised how readers consume books. Thus the term eBook was born, an abbreviation for electronic book.

Today, most of us will have such a book reader in some kind of form: be it through specialised devices from online retailers, or simply built in into their operating system via apps on a smartphone and/or tablet.

There are some sources too with which integrating large libraries is convenient to get those eBooks, such as the Project Gutenberg. However, sometimes this can be not enough. There’s also the chance that your research, be it private or academic, includes something else as the Western canon, which the Gutenberg project very thoroughly provides.

Some lesser known sources are sometimes available on the web, two of which we want to present to you today.

  • the first one is http://libgen.rs/.
    This very minimalistic search engine will let you search for non-fiction/sci-tech; fiction; scientific articles or magazines
    Afterwards you can download them directly, or view them on the web
    There are search parameters for ISBN, title, authors, etc. too, in case you know already what you are looking for
    This is also an academic tip in case you need your money at the end of the month more for groceries than for written stuff on paper: you will be able to use this resource for University too

  • the second one is a bit more fancy: https://1lib.ch/
    You can switch here between a general search or a fulltext search, the first of course also with ISBN, author, and so on
    Also provides an entry with book covers if you’re on the hunt
    From what we saw on the detail pages, eBooks are in the popular epub format (in which our eBooks are sold too) and can be sent directly to some devices or via Email
    In sum you can look up over 8.6 million books and over 84 million articles
    Should be useable for academic research also

And last but not least: of course you can also find eBooks directly by us, if you need cyberpunk and web history reasearch for instance: eBooks by AETHYX MEDIAE.

Happy reading and have a nice day,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

it’s summer, and as every year media and news are full of garbage as no one seems to want to work or give a damn.

No problem for us, we’ll use the silly season this time to learn some funny German today!*

Today: the Pfeilstorch!

You know, before 1822 people and especially science had a hard time telling where all the birds went during winter season. Some people said they convert into mice, others were convinced they did into demons; until one of those rare type of animals was found which showed it had an arrow from Africa in its neck and was still alive:


Above is a real specimen found today in the zoological collection of the University of Rostock. The bird here was crucial in understanding the migration of European birds, over long distances, and eventually come back.

Science rocks!

Happy holidays,
the aethyx staff

*P.S.: in case you always thought “German” and “funny” doesn’t exist in reality, you were completely right! That’s why we are a European online publishing house and prefer to be called like one – there’s to be fun somewhere in Europe, right? Right!?

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