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Simplicissimus Ebook Museum

Dear readers and customers,

the digitalisation revolutionised how readers consume books. Thus the term eBook was born, an abbreviation for electronic book.

Today, most of us will have such a book reader in some kind of form: be it through specialised devices from online retailers, or simply built in into their operating system via apps on a smartphone and/or tablet.

There are some sources too with which integrating large libraries is convenient to get those eBooks, such as the Project Gutenberg. However, sometimes this can be not enough. There’s also the chance that your research, be it private or academic, includes something else as the Western canon, which the Gutenberg project very thoroughly provides.

Some lesser known sources are sometimes available on the web, two of which we want to present to you today.

  • the first one is http://libgen.rs/.
    This very minimalistic search engine will let you search for non-fiction/sci-tech; fiction; scientific articles or magazines
    Afterwards you can download them directly, or view them on the web
    There are search parameters for ISBN, title, authors, etc. too, in case you know already what you are looking for
    This is also an academic tip in case you need your money at the end of the month more for groceries than for written stuff on paper: you will be able to use this resource for University too

  • the second one is a bit more fancy: https://1lib.ch/
    You can switch here between a general search or a fulltext search, the first of course also with ISBN, author, and so on
    Also provides an entry with book covers if you’re on the hunt
    From what we saw on the detail pages, eBooks are in the popular epub format (in which our eBooks are sold too) and can be sent directly to some devices or via Email
    In sum you can look up over 8.6 million books and over 84 million articles
    Should be useable for academic research also

And last but not least: of course you can also find eBooks directly by us, if you need cyberpunk and web history reasearch for instance: eBooks by AETHYX MEDIAE.

Happy reading and have a nice day,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

it’s summer, and as every year media and news are full of garbage as no one seems to want to work or give a damn.

No problem for us, we’ll use the silly season this time to learn some funny German today!*

Today: the Pfeilstorch!

You know, before 1822 people and especially science had a hard time telling where all the birds went during winter season. Some people said they convert into mice, others were convinced they did into demons; until one of those rare type of animals was found which showed it had an arrow from Africa in its neck and was still alive:


Above is a real specimen found today in the zoological collection of the University of Rostock. The bird here was crucial in understanding the migration of European birds, over long distances, and eventually come back.

Science rocks!

Happy holidays,
the aethyx staff

*P.S.: in case you always thought “German” and “funny” doesn’t exist in reality, you were completely right! That’s why we are a European online publishing house and prefer to be called like one – there’s to be fun somewhere in Europe, right? Right!?

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License translation
Above: MIT licensing in a nutshell 🙂

Dear readers and customers,

from time to time we stumble over interesting topics on our web journeys which are invaluable for sharing.

As in this case, we want to present an Introduction to open source software licensing today!

We didn’t do this on our own, we just want to link back to an essential article from some kind colleagues from Brazil here: https://medium.com/hash-tech/introduction-to-open-source-software-licensing-dc093bcaf73e.

We don’t think they leave anything open. What’s best, they limit themselves by four or five lines of text per license.

Let us know if you need help choosing the right one for you! Consulting by us, AETHYX MEDIAE, will be only 75€ per hour!

Stay safe and happy licensing,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

if you’re unsatisfied with certain circumstances in this world, and don’t feel lucky or have the energy to create something on your own (e.g. a weblog or an Android app like we do), there are more ways to become a part of change.

As a general idea, you can invest in stocks and try to own or change a company and its policy; a little for yourself, or you organise more people through the Internet to do so (the smart girls and guys from “Fridays For Future” sometimes do, for example).

Same goes with newspapers: we don’t know about those in your country but in Germany, for example, it’s possible to own a part of one of the most independent newspapers there, taz, by acquiring a “share”: by paying one time 500€ minimum, from this day on, you literally own it together with thousands of others, which is a pretty clever and sustainable idea here to stay independent.

Maybe you have more ideas how to become actively a part of change? Share them with us and our audience in the comments!

Take care and never give up,
the aethyx staff

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Dear readers and customers,

as of 2020 and we were ten years into the game here, we started making concrete plans for our future, the future of AETHYX MEDIAE.

We achieved a lot, we had fun building things; but in the end most of our developments centered around web development. Then came COVID-19 and things changed automatically, and irreversibly.

We came up with four fields last year for which we want to develop applications the coming years:

  • AR – augmented reality
  • VR – virtual reality
  • AI – artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain and DApps

The transition as well as development for those four fields will be done in three phases, called Phase I-III internally, over the next 10-15 years.

In the first phase, Phase I, starting 2020 and lasting until the end of 2024, we’ll start consolidation. Which means halting all development of unsuccessful apps and web projects we list on our “Where?” page. For example, only two of our Android apps are running well, all others flopped. We’ll stop developing those four and concentrate on our two most successful. Same with web projects: projects which don’t attract visitors or generate revenue will be abandoned, maybe need to be closed/sold (hint: open-source projects maximum will be abandoned, not closed).

Secondly, while still in our first phase, we’ll develop two market-ready applications for two of the four aforementioned fields. Our planning is two to four even.

The second phase, Phase II, is mainly about commercially having success with what we developed in Phase I. This will include marketing as well as having according partners and sponsors. Main target EU and European markets, but targeting worldwide audiences too.

Phase III is also about consolidation again, re-evaluating our efforts and successes, as well as our failures. It will be here if we decide to develop more and more; or keep to our developments if we see potential and still believe in those; or even close all together if total failure.

We think having a concrete plan these days is more important than ever. We don’t think we’ll ever have success with something if we don’t deliver for the four essential mentioned future fields.

The WWW as we came to know it and loved back then is dead since years. It’s time to move on. Success and failure are both two sides of the same coin. Let’s hope for the best and we rock the sh*t out if it the coming years! All in all, it was a helluva ride. But we need to stay realistic too: AETHYX MEDIAE started as a student project while at University. If it doesn’t mature and keep up with time, it will die as such.

Thanks for keeping up with us, girls and guys! Wish us luck!

Stay healthy and all the best,
the aethyx staff

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