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Dear readers and customers,

we constantly and passionately try hard to expand our indie universe to all those Android devices out there.

As such, we want to finally introduce you to our first new indie game IP: “Zombie Resistor: Apocalypse”!

Play Store entry for our 3D game, Zombie Resistor apocalypse
The current Play Store entry for our first video game, “Zombie Resistor: Apocalypse”

It’s as real as it gets and the title suggests: a 3rd person shooter letting you conquer Zombie realms within different levels and offering a bunch of nice weapons on your lonesome run(s) to choose from.

Running on the popular Unity engine as our premise was to release a game 100% in 3D for mobile devices. You may (or may not, to some reviewers, ehemm) also cheer our optimised touch screen controls which was a helluva work to realise.

Enjoy and shoot your way free in a world devastated by a deadly plague*! And best: downloading and playing is 100% free!

It’s incredible how long we’ve been on Droid territory, by the way: we released our first apps in May 2013, when there weren’t even 1,000,000 apps available. In the meantime the number pretty much tripled to almost 3,000,000! A double-edged sword: good for us as developers as the platform itself is a true success. But hard to conquer if you release new stuff or want to stay on devices.

No matter how we regard it, the advantages of developing for the platform still outperforms the disadvantages. It’s a lot of fun to code for those devices, too! So be aware that we might post more apps in the future, albeit we certainly won’t do any more Zombie games. 😉

Thanks for reading and happy gaming,
the aethyx staff
*As our initial release for the game was 31st of January 2020 already, similarities to current or future world events are pure coincidence, of course. One thing we never lacked: vision.

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W1P3'0UT" Omega

Dear readers and customers,

without a doubt, we live in difficult and complicated times. At least temporarily, for two months in a row now, the daily life we knew and celebrated is no more.

But wait, there’s hope!

With more time than ever available since we are adults, let’s use the situation to change the world for the better!

And no, we don’t do this in watching a brand new TV series or buying some new toys for our kitchens or living rooms.

We want to be active. We want to be creative. We want to develop ourselves. And create a brighter future.

What better than starting your own blog now, for example? Become an expert in a special field or maybe you even are already one and want to share your ideas? We are here to help!

Who knows, maybe you’re sitting on a Word document you just want to publish for ages now. Your first real book and need help in converting it into an eBook and publish it via multiple stores? Yes, that’s what we’re also here for!

You always wanted to hit thousands of smartphones and tablets with your unique app idea? Hey, let us be your guide!

And there’s so much more:

Set up your own cloud? Be independent from Twitter? Need your own social network? Need IT consultancy (starting from 49€/h)? Or just want to have a quick chat? Reach out to us anytime, we’re happy to hear from you: info@aethyx.eu.

You have to know we’re around in here for 20 years now, albeit not permanently under the same name and brand. In fact even we would be surprised to find a field in web and IT we can’t be of help. Use our experience and profit from us! Accelerate your future with us!

Stay healthy and best wishes,
the aethyx staff

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Shanghai #21

Dear readers and customers,

more than a year ago in March 2019, we started an experiment to get rid of all advertisements from the websites and projects we created and maintain. We strongly believed that we would be better off using donation buttons instead of selling off website space for adverts and head safely into the future like this.

Today, we have to announce that our vision went not according to our plans and we get back at using them. For all of our commercial projects, at least.

Partly also due to the recent global COVID-19 crisis which puts us under heavy pressure from all sides. But partly also because we’re better off earning something instead of absolutely nothing. In some instances, e.g. the Play Store from Google, donation buttons weren’t even allowed so in the end we had no other choice.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still thinking this method of earning for websites lacks vision and needs to be revamped for our current times and complicated website models too. But this is not our job as we are an independent publishing house and no advertising agency.

Being young and agile was an advantage to proclaim being advert free. The same will be advantageous in bringing back the adverts again. So we expect being ready with the implementation by the end of the current week already.

We’re sorry to tell you all that but we thought it would be best to be totally honest with you here.

Please let us know via info@aethyx.eu if you want to buy advertisement space/links/etc. for one or several of our projects. Find the overview here: Where?

We would be so happy to hear from you to support our independent online publishing house!

So long and stay healthy,
the aethyx staff

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Don´t panic
Seen in Konstanz, Photo taken on March 14th by Michael Kowalczyk

Dear readers and customers,

as the Corona pandemic day after day sets another European country into crisis mode, we as an online publishing house Made in EU have to react too in one way or the other.

Thus, from this day on until at least April the 19th, all personal meetings and communications are cancelled.

Where applicable, use your own PC for communication or, as done already in the past, stay in home office directly.

Some tips for the coming weeks:

i) use video call tools, e.g. WebEx, Jitsi, etc: it’s up to you which one to use but clear it first please with your partner(s)
ii) communicate on a regular basis: be it via phone, Email or instant messenger. Staying in contact has top priority now as this crisis can hurt our daily businesses badly
iii) no external meetings, meet virtually: some of our Asian partners use VR tools for presentation and development. Check first if you got those tools when involved, otherwise see i) and ii)
iv) protect who’s important to you: we understand that your family has top priority now. It’s okay to stay with them if not possible otherwise. Please check your tasks first in our online project management system and ask a colleague if she/he can help out or cancel a call/conference beforehand
v) stay calm, positive and healthy!

We’ll keep you updated the coming weeks.

Best wishes and kindest regards,
Sascha Schroeder
CEO & Founder

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20 years of experience in web publishing.

10 years in independent online publishing.

2 words.

1 epic idea.

Still grinding.

Happy Birthday, AETHYX MEDIAE!

Independent Semantic Online Publishing.

Made with <3 in EU.

Since 2010.

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