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Dear readers and customers,

more than a year ago in March 2019, we started an experiment to get rid of all advertisements from the websites and projects we created and maintain. We strongly believed that we would be better off using donation buttons instead of selling off website space for adverts and head safely into the future like this.

Today, we have to announce that our vision went not according to our plans and we get back at using them. For all of our commercial projects, at least.

Partly also due to the recent global COVID-19 crisis which puts us under heavy pressure from all sides. But partly also because we’re better off earning something instead of absolutely nothing. In some instances, e.g. the Play Store from Google, donation buttons weren’t even allowed so in the end we had no other choice.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still thinking this method of earning for websites lacks vision and needs to be revamped for our current times and complicated website models too. But this is not our job as we are an independent publishing house and no advertising agency.

Being young and agile was an advantage to proclaim being advert free. The same will be advantageous in bringing back the adverts again. So we expect being ready with the implementation by the end of the current week already.

We’re sorry to tell you all that but we thought it would be best to be totally honest with you here.

Please let us know via if you want to buy advertisement space/links/etc. for one or several of our projects. Find the overview here: Where?

We would be so happy to hear from you to support our independent online publishing house!

So long and stay healthy,
the aethyx staff

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