We are happy. R-e-a-l-l-y happy! Like, it’s-Xmas-happy. We just realized our second commercial project:


Simply put, it is a brand new blog about gadgets.

Based on the gizmo-archive of cipha.de, it’s also kind of alternative and not very commercial. From a content-point-of-view. But the domain of course is and the future plans also. In 2050 we want to make money with it. 😉

We share the opinion that it is possible to built commercial projects with alternative contents. It’s part of our philosophy.

Mainstream is easy, just do porn.

It is the deepness that counts. To achieve this goal you have to think different. This is not just a slogan, it is part of our reality. We write, we shape it. And nothing else.

We will soon update the where?-page to give you further information about http://gizmeo.com, so stay tuned.

Keep being awesome!
All the best,
the aethyx-staff

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