Let us now tell you a little bit about our favicon! It is the same symbol you can also find in our sidebars.

The five elements in Japanese are called godai. In the West the concept is best known by Miyamoto Musashis book “The Book of Five Rings” where he explains different aspects of swordsmanship by assigning each aspect to an element.

The five elements are:

*地 Chi (sometimes ji) or tsuchi, meaning “Earth”
*火 Ka or hi, meaning “Fire”
*風 Fū or kaze, meaning “Wind”
*水 Sui or mizu, meaning “Water”
*空 Kū or sora, most often translated as “Void”, but also meaning “sky” or “Heaven”

As you can see, we used the sora-symbol to represent the psychic ambitions for aethyx.eu.

Not only does this symbol stand for the things beyond our everyday experience, it also represents spirit, thought and creative energy, as well as our ability to think and to communicate and our creativity as a whole. It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.

So, we could not think of anything better for our intentions.

To stand out from the pack, you have to be creative. It is the main ingredient you will need in becoming or producing new media.

People often think that they are not very creative but this is definitely not the case. It is a matter of training and of believing in yourself. Do not let other people tell you that you can’t do what you want to do! Maybe the following will sound a bit drastic to you, but these men and women are already dead. They never tried. They will never get it. Forget them.

The sora-symbol may guide you through the dark alleys. When you are feeling weak, remember that is of particular importance as the highest of the elements. In martial arts, particularly in fictional tales where the fighting discipline is blended with magic or the occult, one often invokes the power of the Void to connect to the quintessential creative energy of the world. A warrior properly attuned to the Void can sense his surrounding and act without thinking, and without using his physical senses.

Of course it will take a very long time before you can fully achieve the latter. But it is never too late to start mastering yourself. Writing is one of the best disciplines to begin with. Other people draw, spray or paint. Some program computers. Others make music. Whatever you do, be yourself!

Well, now you know a lot more about this symbol. And maybe also about yourself. And about our philosophy.

Have a nice day!
the aethyx staff

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