When searching us on Google you won’t find us: The first entries are “reserved” for a virtual character of a Facebook-Social-Online-RPG. Well, that sucks!

The artwork isn’t that bad and the description sounds promising:

“Aethyx is an elven rogue that stalks his enemies from the shadows. His clan, the Nalzir, are known for creating poisons that are as complex as they are deadly.”



We are here since January 2010.

This character was only available from March 24, 2011 until April 7, 2011.

So it should be clear who was first.

When we started this project, we wanted a name that would be original, never used somewhere else or just copied. Well, it seems it is time again to face reality: In this huge web, it is almost impossible to reserve or even invent a term. Someone somewhere will borrow/use/copy it.

What a pity.

the aethyx staff

There can be only one AETHYX in the world. Period.

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