We are still actively looking for new authors.

German is a must, but we would be very happy to have writers on different continents who are familiar with the language. Maybe your family emigrated and you still use German at home.

One of the trends we are observing for the last six to twelve months is that we get more and more readers from China. Even on our native German written websites like http://gizmeo.com/ (our gadget blog) and http://zockerseele.com/ (our videogame weblog). It would be great to have writers from there who are able to tell our readers what is hot or not.

If you are from China, you do not need to speak German of course. Our websites are bilingual from the beginning (German and English, most of our sources are from foreign countries like USA, France or even Japan). It is only that we have not so many constant writing authors, so we are not capable to offer the content in more languages. Natively you still can use Google Translate from within our projects and choose one of 65(!) different languages.

If you think you can help, just contact us and we see what we can do!

It will be a good practice if you are interested in doing new media. See it as your individual training in writing for new technology websites. Of course you can use our sites and your texts as a reference when looking for a “real” job in this field. Your texts belong to you entirely, no strings attached. You can even export them whenever and wherever you wish.

Find out about what we are doing here: Where?

Well, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,
the aethyx staff

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