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As of today we are into distributed computing on the PlayStation 3 console. You can join our team

aethyx coven 21

anytime. We would be happy to see you doing folding@home when you are not playing on your PS3.

Happy calculating! 🙂

All the best,
aethyx staff

[update I, 09.07.10]

Unfortunately Sony cancelled the application folding@home with their latest PS3-firmware-update. We don’t know why they are doing this, but since the release of the slim version the Japanese corporation is fucking this great console up. Ask geohot for more information. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are not responsible for this.

P.S.: Sony, please bring back Linux!

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This is like what we do for a-g-e-s:

“Here are the five media trends I’m watching and will focus on in future articles on this site:

Sources and advertisers going direct
Context is King
Journalist as brand
Reporting as service
Media companies as technology companies”

Continues at: http://mediapunk.net/2010/05/5-media-trends-to-watch/.

We share the opinion that content is king instead of context is king. Context is in fact important, but only if you want to sell advertising.

It’s nothing new, however, that we see shifting media companies to tech companies. When you are doing new media you need technology to do it. So, in the future, it will be possible that you get in fact technology from those who started with media. Like, smartphones or tablet PCs or even gaming consoles.

The term journalist as a brand is typical American philosophy. The whole country is a corporation and corporations need brands. But it’s problematic in staying true and be effective in what you do: If you in fact are the brand, you are no longer an individual. You loose your credibility. So, we would say: The mediae you create could be a brand. Don’t sell yourself! This is stupid and very dangerous.

Anyway, interesting article, but no concept for Europe or other parts of the world.

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We are happy. R-e-a-l-l-y happy! Like, it’s-Xmas-happy. We just realized our second commercial project:


Simply put, it is a brand new blog about gadgets.

Based on the gizmo-archive of cipha.de, it’s also kind of alternative and not very commercial. From a content-point-of-view. But the domain of course is and the future plans also. In 2050 we want to make money with it. 😉

We share the opinion that it is possible to built commercial projects with alternative contents. It’s part of our philosophy.

Mainstream is easy, just do porn.

It is the deepness that counts. To achieve this goal you have to think different. This is not just a slogan, it is part of our reality. We write, we shape it. And nothing else.

We will soon update the where?-page to give you further information about http://gizmeo.com, so stay tuned.

Keep being awesome!
All the best,
the aethyx staff

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We just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!

Now is the perfect time to stick with those who you love and spend some peaceful time with them. May the next couple of days help you regenerating for the challenges to come in 2010!

Stay true,
all the best,
aethyx.eu | independent online publishing

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Just another of our usual feature announcements:

Since of this month we are offering a brandnew forums-section inside our commercial flagship project zockerseele.com.

The address is as follows:


The forums are realized via the wonderful open-source solution simple:press. Integrating it inside an existing WordPress-blog worked with a bliss. Even the links of the layout were already working and of course simple:press is offering clean permalinks.

Let us know if you want to try it yourself or for your medium and need a little help. That is why we are here, you know. 🙂

Anyway, keep on rocking!

See you on the other side,
the aethyx-team

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