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Dear readers and customers,

the digitalisation revolutionised how readers consume books. Thus the term eBook was born, an abbreviation for electronic book.

Today, most of us will have such a book reader in some kind of form: be it through specialised devices from online retailers, or simply built in into their operating system via apps on a smartphone and/or tablet.

There are some sources too with which integrating large libraries is convenient to get those eBooks, such as the Project Gutenberg. However, sometimes this can be not enough. There’s also the chance that your research, be it private or academic, includes something else as the Western canon, which the Gutenberg project very thoroughly provides.

Some lesser known sources are sometimes available on the web, two of which we want to present to you today.

  • the first one is
    This very minimalistic search engine will let you search for non-fiction/sci-tech; fiction; scientific articles or magazines
    Afterwards you can download them directly, or view them on the web
    There are search parameters for ISBN, title, authors, etc. too, in case you know already what you are looking for
    This is also an academic tip in case you need your money at the end of the month more for groceries than for written stuff on paper: you will be able to use this resource for University too

  • the second one is a bit more fancy:
    You can switch here between a general search or a fulltext search, the first of course also with ISBN, author, and so on
    Also provides an entry with book covers if you’re on the hunt
    From what we saw on the detail pages, eBooks are in the popular epub format (in which our eBooks are sold too) and can be sent directly to some devices or via Email
    In sum you can look up over 8.6 million books and over 84 million articles
    Should be useable for academic research also

And last but not least: of course you can also find eBooks directly by us, if you need cyberpunk and web history reasearch for instance: eBooks by AETHYX MEDIAE.

Happy reading and have a nice day,
the aethyx staff

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Bankrupt Key

Dear readers and customers,

at the end of 2018 “The Atlantic” posted a pessimistic article about the future of online advertising. In short: there is none. We’ll be thrown back to the 19th century soon.

One of the more disturbing facts herein was the mention that not only online only websites (“Vice”, “Buzzfeed” named in particular) are affected but mainstream media, too. As such, we as an indie online publishing house with online websites for German speaking countries are no exception here, unfortunately.

Looking back into our own archive, you only need to read the headlines to see the truth:

08/14/19: “How Google violates our patience policy as indie publishers”
03/11/19: “Eliminating advertisments from our mediae”
06/01/18 “AETHYX MEDIAE supporting Ethereum”
01/24/14: “Yes, we do accept bitty coins (Bitcoin)”
11/24/17: “We’re under attack”
07/22/10: “Sponsors wanted”

Although we’re young, agile and can act really, really fast, the problem financing our projects was/is a hardcore impediment since our humble beginnings.

So far, we failed miserably to break through these vicious cycles.

To share the problem now with all those media outlets scattered through the entire Internet makes us feel a bit less isolated and desparate. But the problem persists to this day. And we are turning 10 next year…

Well, yes. We’re so many in here and yet all so financially handicapped. And there are equally as many reasons why this is fact today. Let us list a few, shall we?

Whether it was a rise of 12% for advertising online in 2017 alone; the duopoly of Google and Facebook; systematic underpayment; malware spreading through advertising; etc, pp.

Despite all that there’s still the feeling that we use and support an outdated paradigm about advertising in general in a new medium, the WWW, which just won’t work anymore.

And we think this is very good!

And no, we don’t offer anything else than f**king stupid donations buttons!

Because, reading through this all, and we only need our own few archived posts here, what this money machinery is built up upon, this is just disgusting. We weren’t asked to use or support it, we were just forced too. Not a good sign for our media landscape in general, nor for us as a species.

Support what you <3! As long as it’s possible, at least.

Thanks for reading and your support,
the aethyx staff

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Hello dear readers & customers,

today, we want to introduce to you our one and only “social media expert” Rae McCoy:

Rae McCoy

Rae is so far our only expert for anything Q&A related for our deluxe premium adult toy store,

If there is anything open about our toys there, you want to get a Nornenrad tarot sent to your Email mailbox (75€), or just want to chat for a while, don’t hesitate to contact her!

She’s to this day still unmarried, doesn’t want kids, is bisexual and Scorpio too.

Have fun & respect her, please, she has a very tough job on Facebook & Twitter.

Have a nice day and happy masturbating,
the aethyx staff

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AETHYX MEDIAE – establishing a new alternative way of publishing since 2010.

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“We go ahead while others don’t know what to do.”

P.S.: Happy Walpurgisnacht, everyone!

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Fresh, brandnew and we are happy that it is finally available:

cnc4 cover klein THE CIPHA.NET CHRONICLES IV sum up the from October 2006 to July 2007.

Includes 350 articles, unabridged and with all of the links.

631 (ebook, according to "Calibre")
5.4 MB
May the 20th, 2013
Direct Links:
@XinXii (free preview)
@Amazon (free preview)
@Google Play (free preview)
blog, weblog, e-magazine, cyberpunk, cyberspace, anthology, texts, online, chronicle, archive, internet, indie, independent, underground

– – –

You will also notice that part I to III is available regularly through Amazon now.

The release of the whole hexalogy will take longer as we intended.

Originally we wanted to release all six books and shut down the website until the end of june 2013. But as of now we try to release these ebooks until the end of the year.

But this is a good sign: It shows that we have work. 🙂 So nothing to be concerned about. We are an independent publishing house, such things are common. 😉

Happy reading! Looking forward to your feedback!

Kindest regards,
the aethyx staff

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